Wild SoulSafari – 6th to 9th July 2019

Connect to your soul and true nature, through nature.

Your skills are great, your knowledge is excellent but you are not moving towards your goals and dreams, your business is not growing, your department is at a standstill.

You are only stuck in your mind and everything you try is not working.

You are longing for a connection between your heart, soul, body and mind.

You want to connect to your nature by being in nature.

You know you have reached your glass ceiling, on a personal level and also on your professional level.

We have a solution for you, we are the experts to let you experience that the next big thing in business is personal empowerment. With more than 22 years of experience in coaching and training we can propel you to your next level.

The results this program will give you are:

  • You will make a Personal Development Plan where you will make personal breakthrough in behavioural patterns on the deepest level;
  • It will let you reach your next level
  • You are going to know yourself better so that you can make the steps that needs to be taken
  • The program will give you full focus on you 
  • Wild SoulSafari will make the connection between heart, soul, body and mind in a way you can connect, whereby nature has an important impact
  • You will shed layers of yourself so you can know who you are in the essence
  • The content of the program is completely customised to your PDP

Who is it for?

This program is exclusively for people who are ready to invest in themselves. It’s for high achievers, entrepreneurs, businessowners, coaches, high end trainers and managers who are ready for the next steps in their personal development. We only work with people who have a full commitment towards themselves and the program.

Features of this Wild SoulSafari program are:

  • 4 days in a wildlife conservancy in the Kenyan bush with high end coaches
  • An option to book 3 nights extra at Manyika House to extend your retreat with more coaching and depth
  • 4 coaching sessions based on your PDP
  • Availability on WhatsApp during the whole program
  • 1 constellation (systemic therapy), one on one basis, or group depending on the question

The price for this Wild SoulSafari including retreat in the Kenyan Bush, 4 coaching sessions, one constellation, availability on WhatsApp and email during the program is $1800,00 ex VAT

The uniqueness off this program is that the focus will be on you. 

Imagine you only choose business coaching, whereby the focus is only to grow your business, result is that you will focus on the hard skills to grow your business.

What if you grow personally, you become a stronger, more powerful person, that makes decisions based on growth and not on fear. So how will the benefit of this program be? Complete focus on you.

Imagine what it would cost you if you don’t do this program that is focused on you and your business. How many years of struggle?


SoulSafari has taken me to the depth of myself. There is no escape from the process I need and want to go through. Through the loving yet firm guidance of Marianne I feel more confident than ever to walk my path.   – participant the Netherlands – 

I have spent thousands of dollars on coaches who claim to break through and make big shifts. It didn’t work. After 4 sessions with Marianne I can tell she really touched me and my soul on deep levels whereby shifts came immediately. I can only highly recommend her – businessowner Kenya – 

Special offer:

For you we have a special offer. We love people with ambition like you who want to get the best out of themselves and out of their business, to have a bigger impact on their surroundings and with this to make the world a better place. That’s why we have a special offer for entrepreneurs, CEO’s or managers who are very ambitious, who want to grow to a better version of themselves and with this giving a big boost to themselves and their companies. People who are willing to make a full commitment and are willing to invest in themselves. 

That’s why for you we can offer this program for $1500.00 ex vat

There will be extra bonusses like:

• Motivational workshops via Zoom


  • Are you this ambitious person full of commitment
  • Do you want to become a better version of yourself
  • Do you recognize that the next big thing in business is personal development and you want to be one of the first to benefit from this, to be innovative 
  • Do you want to built a bridge between your heart, soul, body and mind
  • Do you want to increase your impact on your surrounding and to give your contribution to a better world

Then this is your program.

Make your commitment now. Make your booking for the program by getting in touch with Kuunganisha Training and Coaching for your intake or Tarpo 

We only book 8 people for each program to maintain the exclusivity of the program. 

Are you one of the 8?