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Asim Shah

Systemic Therapist, Life Coach & Wellness Retreats

Business Systems Design, Outdoor Event Logistics & Digital Marketing

Coaching & Systemic Therapy

Receive unbiased guidance, without judgement through coaching for you or your team’s Life, Career, Leadership and Emotional Wellness. Systemic Therapy or Family Constellations bring insight to your ‘life system’ within the context of the challenges or decisions you are facing.

Wellness Retreats

Get away from the cage of an urban lifestyle and nurture yourself and build your team through a customised retreat experience. Sign up for my signature glamping retreats in the stunning landscapes of Northern Kenya or let me design something for you that inspires or transforms with unbiased authenticity.

Outdoor Event Logistics

Work with a team that looks at your event as a business and a project all at the same time. We’re practical and honest. We use common sense methodologies combined with our experience to grow and manage your events.

Speaking Engagements

If you believe I can help inspire your audience in select topics that align with my experiences and what I do then reach out.

Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), paid-ads, marketing automation and social media management brings all my fields of interest – psychology, engineering, big data and systems design – onto a single platform. We specialise in nurturing the online presence of small businesses that have natural product potential.

Business Systems Design

Systems are what I see and what I build to transform negatives into positives, or opportunities into realities. Human user experience, cost savings, quality assurance and optimal capacity utilisation are some of the most common issues solved by well designed business systems.

My Impact?

When change arises in your environment, be it private or public, you can find yourself in a turbulent and confusing situation. When this happened to me, I was grateful that I had Asim to reach out to. With his guidance, I was able to see things with more clarity and focus, and from different perspectives
Manager, large NGO in Kenya
I like to think of Asim as a shepherd, guiding your universe's constellations towards a reality as yet unseen to you
Carolyne K.
Youth Leadership Training Facilitator
Wild SoulSafari [wellness retreat] for me was a journey. A journey of rediscovery. A journey that allowed a depth of understanding and reflections on what and where I want to be. The combination of Nature and wonderful coaches made the experience much more than I could put in words. It is in this experience and through Asim that I learnt what it meant to hold space for those around you. My objective started out with a focus on self love then....constellations happened and well...sort of validated what my intention for this journey was.
Nasike K.
Senior Manager, Kenya

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