2018 Rhino Charge

As you’re waking up tomorrow morning and drinking your freshly brewed coffee 7 trucks and 2 over landers will be arriving onto the venue for the 30th anniversary Rhino Charge. They’re carrying camp equipment for almost 500 competitors, officials, and sponsors. More than 70 Tarplets make up the advance Tarpo team that arrives onto this year’s venue to set up the infrastructure and critical support camps. We’re setting up just under 300 accommodation tents and a total of more than 400 structures for various use. 50 men and women will do that all in 4.5 days, supported by engineers, technicians, chefs, first aiders, fire marshals, drivers, store managers, client relation leads and project managers. They’re all equipped with one thing in common – passion!

Tarpo has been known for its huge presence at the Rhino Charge and we are extremely proud to be associated with a fund-raising event that is one of a kind on this planet. A unique event that has continuously raised the standards of organisation only deserves the same precision in planning from our end. We have optimized, standardized and improvised over the years to get more and more efficient and better prepared year in year out with all the uncertainty that this event brings.

We expect to collect, treat and distribute approximately 80,000 litres of washing water over our 12 days of being on the venue. We will have dug 180 latrine toilets and then some and moved most of them at least once if not twice. We will be the ones that create the visible roads, the ones who get stuck in the mud. We will also be the ones who get to appreciate the beauty of the venue in its peaceful serenity before the 2,500 people migrate from their urban routines into rural bliss. We will come across new challenges, problems generated through uncertainty that are seemingly impossible to solve. Passion will overcome, it always has.

The Rhino Charge isn’t the only big event we’re involved with. It’s the one we talk about the most because the thing is we love working with challenges. We love proving to ourselves that we can make anything possible. No matter the stress this puts on our leaders! See you at the Charge in a few days and see you at your next event – we’ll make it possible!

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