Wild SoulSafari – reboot in nature

This time next week a group of 6 clients and 4 coaches will have experienced their 2nd sunset out of 3. And they’ll be around the camp fire looking up at the night sky. Something from the day will connect: the sand beneath their feet from the dry luggas of Kalama, the sounds of birds chirping in sync with their heartbeats during the morning bush walk and the stars of the milky way that represent whatever they want them to represent.

This idea has been a vision and dream of mine for 3 years. And you know things are in smooth motion when the hardest part of the Wild SoulSafari is what to stock the bar with!

This year I’ve spent 17 nights in the bush and this trip will take it to 22. Getting out of the city, any city for that matter, and being in the peace and positivity of nature keeps doing wonders for my wellbeing. I truly believe that our body clocks need a reboot every so often and what better way than to combine a reboot in nature with an exploration of ourselves – our systems, our identity, our conditioning, our breath, our thoughts… especially when we are ready for transformation, or when we have stagnated, or burned out.

Wild SoulSafari is a glamping and self-exploration experience like no other. It’s exclusive (4 coaches for 6 clients on this first one!), it has a follow up plan to ensure sustained support through your process well after the safari. And it’s with me 🙂 You’ll have access to my stories, my experiences, my opinions and motivational nudging in a safe space – no judgement, no pressure – I might even let you in on a little secret project that I’m working on 😉

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