Global Management Challenge Kenya 2019-2020 edition

The Global Management Challenge Kenya 2019-2020 edition concluded a few weeks ago with a tense final that would see teams Valenca Aga, The Invictus and Managemen finish on the podium. The ultimate prize – an opportunity to represent Kenya at the International Final – was won by Valence Aga. Congratulations to Viviane, Nicholas and John for their endeavours in achieving this milestone so early in their careers!

It has taken me some time to write something up about the GMC as we have all swiftly been forced into dealing with a global crisis. At an economic level this crisis could actually be simulated. Using the GMC platform you simply uproot demand for your products in the NAFTA and European markets. BUT that’s assuming your product is actually something people want to spend on during a crisis…

And if they want to spend on your product it means they are also willing to spend on your competitors’ product. How does this affect foreign exchange? Shipping costs and logistics? Selling prices? Supply chain? Stockholding strategies?

Is it any different to when there is no global crisis?

I remember when I participated in the GMC we had one round where one of the markets was severely disrupted by weather phenomena. The experience though different to what we are dealing with right now, gave me an immediate understanding of what would be affected economically and what recovery efforts would be required to keep a business profitable, or indeed see the signs of non-survival.

Vicky Karuga posted her thoughts on the GMC about a week ago and there was one specific point she made that had me nodding in amusement:

“Somehow it all stays the same. Having different age groups present, talking about their experiences makes you realise, it’s so different yet so the same. Hahaha. Funny as hell.”

I think it’s so self-explanatory that I don’t need to say anymore!

It’s been a good feeling to see the posts from team The Tribe – NicyBettyNanaCatherine and Monica. To see over a 100 engagements on each of Nicy’s and Monica’s posts about their experience is heart-warming and means we are doing something important.

I wanted to say a big thank you to Vicky Karuga and Profiles International, to David Mwaura and Greg Wanjama, to Daniel Gachathi of Spread Marketing, to Salome Mungai, to Moreen Kamau, Dhiren Rana and the team at Tarpo. Your support in all its forms is so immense in making an impact – thank you! On to the next one!

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