How neuro linguistic programming helped me

Imagine you had to put a piece of cheese into your computer to keep the mouse going.

That was my opening statement at the pre-launch event of the Kenya Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming on 29th February 2020. Of course it was to provoke thought and discussion. Time didn’t allow me to explain what that was all about so here’s a write-up…

Earlier in the day I’d been speaking to Ekta about chocolate chip cookies. Admittedly it was this year’s stupidest conversation. But stupid conversations are the consequence of imagination, at least in my world. Between childhood and adulthood we grow up and somewhere along the way we lose that creative imagination – in my case I judged myself to the point where I wouldn’t express the ideas.

Fast forward to the experience of NLP and I now understand where and why those thoughts and ideas come about and I also know how to bounce them around to ignite an inspirational spark for myself.

Ask David or Moreen and they’ll tell you how this has been useful countless times when we’ve been doing creative agency work. Or ask the team at Tarpo how such ideas break the seriousness of conversations and meetings to take us a few steps back and lay ground for a new direction when problem solving. Innovation comes from the seemingly impossible angles.

When we were young those ideas came from curiosity. Curiosity comes from the desire to explore. And exploration is a fun word – have you ever associated exploration with stress or fear? So if we are able to put our fears into a box somewhere on the side, then for a few moments we will taste the freedom to explore. Let coaching techniques like NLP help you put those fears into a box, just for a few moments so that your passion and imagination can see the light of day(s).

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