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Are you standing out from the rest?


Job Application Review From A CEO’s Perspective

Are you standing out from the rest?

With the job market overwhelmed with candidates, recruiters are spending less and less time looking at your application. How do you get it to the top of the shortlist? I’ve been recruiting for over 12 years for roles across all levels of various organisations – from sole proprietors to medium sized manufacturing businesses, from maintenance and engineering to project management and accounting. I’ve literally seen thousands of applications and it is very much like looking for a needle in a haystack for recruiters.

In February and March 2021 I have been recruiting for entry level roles at Tarpo. We received over 700 applications in one week for 5 diverse roles that were open. The final shortlist just from CV reviews was less than 40 candidates and we even decided not to recruit for 2 of the roles as none of the applicants matched the minimum requirements. We shortlisted less than 6% of the applicants, and that’s before we even interviewed. I don’t like this statistic at all. It means that 6 out of every 100 CV’s might be worth looking at.

I often fill out business impact surveys where we get asked about our greatest challenges as business leaders. For 8 years now I have continuously said finding talent is our biggest challenge. I want to believe the talent is out there but it doesn’t know how to get found. So that’s why I’ve decided to offer this CV review service.

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